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Christmas in the Blue Mountain (2022)

This autumn, get ready for a joyful reunion when the blue gnomes occupy Chateau Neuf in an upgraded, spectacular and star-studded theater version of the NRK hit produced by Over Norge, Starworks and Taran!

With it's adventurous universe, important message and well-known songs, "Jul I Blåfjell" has become a lasting Christmas tradition for young and old.

The gnomes who live in Blåfjell have many important tasks until Christmas. Every day they have to make the blue hour, and make sure that the mountain is clean and nice and in good health. But this year, unusual things are happening in Blåfjell, turning the Santas' traditional pre-Christmas season upside down.

Not only has the key to Kvisthulen disappeared, but the usually wise blue elf Erke no longer gives good advice. Why is he acting so strange?

Out in the mountain home, big changes are also happening. Someone dumps rubbish in the mountains, and one day the sky turns gray instead of blue. What has happened to the otherwise wonderful time before Christmas? The brave Blue Goblin Turte is unable to control his curiosity about everything that happens both in and outside of Blåfjell, and challenges the Blue Goblin's many truths and rules of life.

It's a star-studded team that takes the stage when the story is told in a spellbinding new version. Here, the audience will be taken into the adventurous story that has captivated the Norwegian people for generations. In the various roles, we meet, among others, Inger Lise Rypdal as "Queen Fjellrose", Håvard Lilleheie as "Little Boy", Siw Anita Andersen as "Mamsen", Kevin Haugan as "Tvilling" and the shooting star Ane Eikemo as "Turte". More roles are being launched continuously.

Welcome to Blåfjell from 9 November at Chateau Neuf!

The performance is staged with permission from NRK and is

based on the Christmas calendar "Jul i Blåfjell", produced by NRK.

Playing time: 120 min incl. intermission.

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