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Color Fantasy 2019

Once again, StarWorks has had the pleasure of creating performances together with 2Entertain on board Color Line's Kiel ferries. This time at Color Fantasy.

On 22 and 23 January 2019, it was ready for the premiere of the two shows "I LOVE NEW YORK" and "BORN THIS WAY", which will play until January 2020.

We of course recommend everyone to take the trip with Fantasy for a 3- days' mini-holiday and brilliant artists who entertain you on board every evening at 19 and 21! Welcome!

Read the review of "BORN THIS WAY" in Broadway World here.

Direction/idea: Mattias Carlsson/Tore Sergei Myklebust

Choreography: Kirsty McDonald/Sara Bergström/Vyara Klisurska/Vasil Yovchev

Led design: Maris Polis

Costume design: Cårejånni Enderud

Costume supervisor: Caroline Drønen Ekornes

Sound design: Jane Bloomfield/Richard Gurley

Producer: 2Entertain/Liv Eirin Francis/Bosse Andersson

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