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From Broadway to Duvemåla

The magnificent musical concert success with five of Sweden's absolute best artists in the genre is finally coming to Norway and the main roles from Jersey Boys are guest artists!

The concept has toured around Sweden to full houses since 2016 and this year, in addition to Norway, they also visit Denmark and Finland. At Chateau Neuf you will experience the Swedish soloists Viktoria Tocca, Laila Adele, Malena Tuwung, Alexander Lycke and Jakob Stadell together with their orchestra under the direction of Kapellmeister Carina E. Nilsson.

Look forward to enjoying hits from the biggest musicals from stage, film and television. Enjoy Circle of Life from The Lion King, Gabriella's Song from So as in the sky, Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing and many many more!

Our Norwegian stars Atle Pettersen, Nicolay Ramm, Mathias Luppichini and Sindre Postholm are guest artists. Be among the first to hear a taste of this autumn's big musical venture at Chateau Neuf – Jersey Boys!

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