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The Athlete's Galla 2017

Helene Olafsen makes her debut as presenter and will lead the 17th Sports Gala in a row together with Atle Pettersen. The live broadcast on NRK1 goes from Hamar OL-Amfi on Saturday 6 January and StarWorks has the stage direction.

For the first time in the Idrettsgalaen's 16-year history, an athlete is included as presenter of the broadcast. Snowboarder Helene Olafsen became world champion in 2009 and also has several medals from the WC and X-Games, before she retired in autumn 2016.

- When I was asked to chair the Sports Gala, my first reaction was "Huh?", says Helene Olafsen. - But then I thought "Why not?" Although it is certainly bold of NRK to let me do this, it is a world I know well, and it will be fun and exciting to explore this from the other side, she says.

- Helene has a radiance and energy that will come out even better when she now becomes presenter. Atle is still young and promising, but in this context he becomes the seasoned one with lots of experience both as an artist and presenter, says NRK's project manager for the Sports Gala, Torbjørn Sarre-Jensen.

- It's a big vote of confidence from NRK and it's an incredible honor to lead one of the year's biggest live broadcasts on TV, says Atle Pettersen. He thinks it will be a little unusual to have the role of the most experienced this time. - In the past, I have relied on others with more experience. But I'm sure that Helene will do great and that we'll have fun, says the "Beat for beat" presenter.

StarWorks is involved in the stage direction and in the editorial.

Photo: NRK

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