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West Side Story

The musical classic West Side Story opens the theater autumn at Chateau Neuf with a premiere on November 4!

StarWorks and Taran are proud to be able to present one of the biggest and most famous musicals of all time at Chateau Neuf.

Here they have assembled an ensemble of 29 singers and dancers, fronted by two young shooting stars, musical artist Astrid Giske and pop artist Sondrey. Established names who also take part in the performance are Nils Ole Oftebro, Anette Hoff, Zahid Ali and TV personality Per Sundnes, who makes his musical debut in the performance.

The direction is by Mattias Carlsson ("Flashdance" and "Optimist"). He has choreographer Belinda Braza with him. Together with Ola Beskow, they have drawn up a new concept for this production. West End scenographer Takis is in charge of the decorations, Cårejånni Enderud designs costumes and Petter Kragstad is musically responsible and is conductor of the 12-piece orchestra.

The performance lasts 105 minutes without intermission.


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