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Swing'it is a story about a group of young gentlemen who love the happy days of the 1920s. The band has since its origins developed into one of the most successful traditional jazz bands in Norway and Europe.


The band takes the audience on a journey 100 years back in time and across the Atlantic to 1920s New Orleans. They tell stories about the origins of jazz and the happy 20s; glitter, glamor and Great Gatsby's parties; speakeasies and secret parties during the Prohibition era; the optimism and decadence of a bygone era.

Their music is the perfect mix of vintage and modern: inspired by the old, with presented with new life. They present the traditional jazz as it really was, namely party music, mix it with poppy arrangements and a fantastic live show that results in a unique atmosphere that can bring out the smile in every corner of the mouth and dance floor. The band has the ability to entertain all ages and people, they entertain at everything from jazz clubs and secret speakeasier; cocktail clubs and upscale parties; festivals and student clubs; at Gatsby parties and Prohibition events; at conferences and company parties for children's concerts and as street musicians. They have played more than 60 concerts at many of the country's largest festivals, such as Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz Festival, Sildajazz and Stavern Festival. They also came all the way to the semifinals of Norwegian Talents in 2018 by enchanting judges and audiences with jazzy versions of old Disney classics.

Swing'It you can book alone or with  Show deVida ! Visit their website here or get in touch for more info and ordering!

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