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Et glass til (Another round)

"Et glass til" is a funny, touching and thought-provoking story about friendship, freedom, love - and alcohol.

School teachers Martin, Tommy, Nikolaj and Peter struggle with motivation, self-confidence and contact with their students. They therefore decide to test the Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud's alleged theory that humans are born with half a percent too little alcohol in their blood.

The theory is that alcohol opens the mind to the outside world and makes creativity flourish. The result is startling. Both the teaching and self-confidence improve, and the friends really start to feel alive again. As the glasses are filled, some experience progress, while others decelerate. It becomes clear that alcohol has its positive aspects, but also that such daring attempts can have serious consequences for both work and private life.

Four of the country's leading actors are on stage when the newly written theater version of the smash hit "Et glass til" has its Scandinavian premiere at Christiania Theater in downtown Oslo.

The play is based on the Oscar-winning Danish film "Druk", which has been a great international success, garnered rave reviews and, not least, won the Oscar for best international film. Christiania Teater is one of the first stages in the world to stage this award-winning film as a play. This winter, the audience can look forward to a great theater experience that will take them on a journey through the entire range of emotions.


Director: Mattis Herman Nyqvist Movie script: Thomas Vinterberg & TobiasLindholm Script for stage: Thomas Vinterberg & Claus Flygare Norwegian translation: Lars Berge Producers: Over Norge & StarWorks Presented with Nordiska Aps. Scandinavian premiere: January 12th 2023 Christiania Teater / 90 minutes - 1 act - in Norwegian

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