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Defying Gravity

Almost two years ago, Alexx Alexxander filled Oseberg Kulturhus in Tønsberg to the last row. Now he is finally back! On July 1st, his new show "Defying Gravity" has its Norwegian premiere and Starworks is involved in the direction.

For a number of years, Alexx Alexxander has fascinated excited audiences throughout Scandinavia with incredible stunts and world-class magical illusions. With several tons of equipment, he has taken his show on the road, performing to packed houses. Alexx is the biggest illusionist in Norway and has received several awards.

Alexx holds nothing back when he undoubtedly puts together the biggest and most extravagant magic show in Norway's history. Alexx will present several brand new illusions created especially for this performance that have never been shown to humanity. For now…

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