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Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen's critical acclaimed performance takes us back to the last century and her greatest heroines. Together with her swinging jazz trio, she tells stories of sin, shame, ecstasy and ambitions in her great - grandmother's time.

Musician, comedian, actress and now author Asbjørnsen has released 11 critically acclaimed albums, done major musical roles, and won comedy awards.

On July 1st, 2021, it was finally time for premiere at Chat Noir and then the performance continued for a sold-out at Christiania Theater throughout October. The story of eight incredible women's lives 100 years ago, when jazz was rock'n roll, is now finally ready for tour and starts with Chateau Neuf before continuing out into the country.

With a cartoon-like twinkle in her eye and with the help of some of the century's greatest jazz hits, she tells the fate of her greatest musical heroines: Bokken Lasson, Mae West, Bessie Smith, Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe .

Bokken Lasson booked his own solo tour in 1895 and ran a staggering deficit, but ended up as Norway's first cabaret director. Josephine Baker worked as a spy for the French government during World War II with information about German locations sewn into her underwear. Mae West was thrown in jail for "corrupting the morale of youth" with his liberated, self-produced Broadway musical "Sex", and became the greatest movie star of all time at the age of 40. Bessie Smith beat down big men at a party and gave the New York trick backwards with songs about female sexuality that the world had never heard before.

"Stardust" is a shocking and inspiring show about decadence, shame, ecstasy and ambition in great-grandmother's time. With her on stage, Hilde Louise has a live jazz trio who are heavily involved in transporting us from New York in the "happy 20s", via Berlin at its darkest, Paris at its wildest and Kristiania at its most innocent…

The show runs for 90 minutes without intermission. Read more and buy your tickets at:

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