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Hit Parade

This year's dinner show at Scandic Flesland Airport in Bergen will be a party with great costumes, dancing, singing and humour.

On stage are Tore Petterson (Sofa, Skal vi danse etc.), Egor Filipenko, Therese Cleve Stiansen (from Skal vi danse), Anette Hoff Larsen (Stjernekamp, Book of Mormon, Magnus etc.) and the party band Popzilla. Enjoy world-class service in combination with a terrific performance where an abundant Christmas buffet, drinks, song, dance and humor turn into a 5-star evening - all under the same roof! There will be great show numbers, great costumes and the biggest hits from the last 10 years. After dinner, we transform the party hall into a nightclub where you and your company take over the main role on the dance floor, while the party band and vocalists continue to play live to well-known old and new hits!

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