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Musical Express

Music history's greatest moment gathered in one and the same show and performed by Norway's finest artists. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the musical bonanza of all time!

The performance is based on a concept by Swedish star director Hans Marklund who is behind some of Sweden's biggest pub show successes. Musical Express saw the light of day at the legendary Hamburger Börs in Stockholm in 1994 with Pernilla Wahlgren, Peter Jöback, Karl Dyall and Lizette Påhlsson on stage. The show was an instant success and toured around the country for several years.

On June 23, it is ready for the premiere of the Norwegian version of the performance at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg and on stage are Atle Pettersen, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, Jannike Kruse, Lene Kokai Flage and Espen Grjotheim. Together with director Tore Sergei Myklebust and musical director and conductor Christian Stähler, they have put together their biggest favorites from Broadway, the West End and the occasional Nordic gem and you can, among other things. a. look forward to hearing personal interpretations from Fame, Cabaret, Les Miserablés, Flashdance, Jersey Boys, As in Heaven, Jesus Christ Superstar, Optimist and many more.

Kirsty McDonald has choreography. Johan Osuldsen has contributed a specially written number that pays tribute to Norwegian musical theater history. Bjørn H. Kruse has arranged a beautiful acapella version of one of the most famous songs of all time, which originates from the musical Carousel. Simen Hovd throws both artists and musicians into deep water and has created the basis for a 100% improvised Disney number which is thus new every night and Simen Sand has written the lyrics to the opening number.

The show lasts for 80 minutes without intermission. Read more at

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