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Peter Pan goes wrong

In January 2025, Chateau Neuf opens its doors for the biggest and most chaotic laugh party ever - the hit comedy "Peter Pan goes wrong". In the main roles we find a star-studded team consisting of Atle Antonsen, Trond Fausa, Vidar Magnussen, Siw Anita Andersen, Nils- Ingar Aadne and Kristine Grændsen and many more.

"Peter Pan går til helvete" is the first Norwegian version of "Peter Pan Goes Wrong", which has been a blockbuster hit in both New York, London and Stockholm.

In the performance, the audience meets an awkward but warm-hearted group of amateur actors who will together stage the classic tale of Peter Pan. However, it does not go according to plan at all, and even before the stage curtain has opened, they encounter major challenges. Soon they have become entangled in an inextricable tangle of stage technical problems, flying accidents and sheer madness, while at the same time trying to complete the popular performance against all odds. Will they ever get to Neverland?

The disaster comedy "Peter Pan goes wrong" premieres on January 23, 2025 at Chateau Neuf. Directed by Kim Haugen and stage design and costumes by Lucy Osborne. Produced by Taran, StarWorks and Over Norge in collaboration with Nordiska ApS.

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