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Reidun & Per love musicals

What happens when two of Norway's best and most versatile singers meet to play their way to a performance of musical songs?

The opera and musical singer Per Vollestad calls the singer and musical artist Reidun Sæther to play with ideas and possibilities for a performance. In REIDUN & PER ELSKER MUSICALS you will experience the two performing the best songs from the biggest musicals in a loving and playful tribute to a genre both they and the audience love!

Per Vollestad has not worked with Reidun Sæther since they played together in Cats four years ago. Then Per gets a wild idea. A flying thought. He contacts Reidun with the idea of a performance...

This is how the dream and idea of a musical performance for two lovers of the genre begins. Join Reidun and Per's play with clichés, dream roles and gluttony in well-known musical songs. In the sea of familiar tunes there are many they absolutely want to do, some they (think) they don't want to do and some they think they will absolutely never do.

We guarantee that the evening with Reidun and Per will be a celebration of the world of musicals, which will include big hits from popular musicals!

Stay tuned for info about this autumn's big musical tour!

Cast: Reidun Sæther and Per Vollestad

Screenplay: Runar Borge

Director: Mattias Carlsson (Starworks)

Music supervisor: Hans Einar Apelland

Producer: Thalia Theatre


Wed. September 11th at 19.00: Lillestrøm Cultural Centre

Thurs. September 12th at 19.00: Lillestrøm Cultural Centre

Fri. September 20th at 19.00: Drammen's Theatre

Sat. September 21st at 19.00: Drammen's Theatre

Fri. October 18th at 20.00: Ullensaker Culture House

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