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The Wizard of Oz

Finally, the classic family musical will arrive in Oslo with a premiere on February 2nd 2019 at Chateau Neuf!

You can expect a spectacular version of the classic story with, among others, Sofie Bjerketvedt (Dorothy), Janne Formoe (the evil Witch from the West), Tom Sterri (The Wizard), Hilde Lyrån (Glinda), Sindre Postholm (The Tinman), Alexander Langset (The Scarecrow), Per-Theodor Paulsen (The Gatekeeper) and Håvard Eikeseth (The Lion) in the lead roles. Also on stage are the dog Hiro (Toto) and 20 children from Art Musical & Ballet School and WestEnd Studios.

Join the journey of Dorothy and her friends The Scarecrow, The Tinman and The Lion who have fascinated children and adults for several generations.

Read more about the show here.

Regi: Mattias Carlsson & Martine Bakken Lundberg

Koreografi: Alexander Langset

Scenograf & kostymedesign: Takis & Östgötateatern

Kostyme-supervisor: Clare Amos

Maske & parykk: Cårejånni Enderud

Musikalsk ansvarlig: Matthew Reeve

LED-design: Mikkel Gythfeldt

Scenefoto: Tovita Razzi

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