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Trampa i klaveret

A varied New Year's revue at Flygeln in Norrköping with six artists and a live orchestra!

Chopp Event & Starworks presents a New Year's revue/show out of the ordinary with large portions of humour, beautiful singing and varied choreography. Plays 9/1 + 10/1 + 16/1 + 17/1 2015. Playing time: Approx. 2.5 hours.


Carina Perenkranz, Maria Olofsson, Mattias Carlsson, Uffe Holmertz, Pontus Helander and Tore Sergei Myklebust.


  • Appetizer: Shellfish canapé on dark rye bread

  • Main course: Pork fillet with pepper cloud and potato gratin

Pre-ordering of beverage packages is available

One glass of wine/non-alcoholic everything. for the appetizer

One glass of wine/non-alcoholic everything. to the main course


In the event of a food allergy, contact the Tourist Office, +46 11 155 100

For guests with a show ticket only, unnumbered seats on loose chairs apply.

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