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Grease Trondheim

Grease in Trondheim Spektrum will be Norway's largest production of the hit musical ever with space for 7,600 spectators!

One of history's most iconic feel-good musicals is coming to Trondheim Spektrum on the leap year itself!

The musical has already played to tens of thousands of people in both Oslo and Stavanger, and in February it will be Trondheim's turn. This time in an arena version where all the songs are sung in English, so here it will be a sing-along! Under the direction of director Tom Sterri, we get to experience some of the country's best musical artists, including Trondheimers Mari Haugen Smistad, John Masaki and Benedicte Søreng, as well as a large orchestra led by British Matthew Reeve.

Trondheim's new grand hall is transformed into America at the end of the 50s - when rock&roll was at its greatest, the cars were bigger, the girls wore swing skirts and the guys had "grease" in their hair. But even if we are going back in time, the producers promise a stage production in 2020 with the latest in light, sound and LED.

This will be the first major musical venture on this scale in Trondheim, so get ready for a leap year party and a real hit parade in Trondeim Spektrum!

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