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The Athlete's Galla 2018

For the 18th year in a row, it is ready for sports' big New Year's party. Stavanger will now be the host city for the first time.

Nicolay Ramm and Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen lead the live broadcast on NRK1. For the 3rd year in a row, StarWorks has stage direction and contributes to the editorial team.

The sports gala has this time been added to DNB Arena, the home ground of the ice hockey team Stavanger Oilers. The Handball European Championships, the Winter Olympics, the Paralympics and the Athletics European Championships are just some of the sporting highlights we can look back on in 2018. During the just over two-hour long broadcast, 12 awards will be handed out to athletes, teams, coaches and zealots who have distinguished themselves in the past year.

Between the award ceremonies, we get musical performances from a bunch of artists. The September When and the Stavangerkameratene perform on home turf and are joined by the pop twins Marcus & Martinus, Ulrikke Brandstorp from Stjernekamp and the musical humorist Jon Niklas Rønning.

Photo: NRK

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