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MGP 2014

Melodi Grand Prix will appear in a new suite in 2014. Intense, exciting and insanely good music will be presented, promises project leader Stian Malme.

Fewer artists, a greater focus on songs and an open process where the public gets to participate behind the scenes are key words for Melodi Grand Prix 2014. The music competition has undergone a large-scale renewal process when this year's round is now underway.

Fifteen artists are participating in MGP 2014. In just over a week, the winner, and Norway's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, will be chosen.

This year's competition consists of three semi-finals and a final. The three semi-finals are broadcast over one weekend, i.e. Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March and take place in Folketeateret in Oslo. Three artists progress from each broadcast to the final in Oslo Spektrum on 15 March.

Music manager Vivi Stenberg is responsible for selecting songs and artists, while Mattias Carlsson from Starworks is responsible for the stage direction. The choreography is done i.a. by Thomas Benstem, Kirsty McDonald and Anne Marit Tynes.

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