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MGP 2020

StarWorks was once again involved in the editorial team and responsible for stage direction.

The broadcast took place in January and February 2020, and 25 songs participated - the highest number in the competition's history until then. The winner of the competition was the pre-favourite Ulrikke Brandstorp and the song "Attention", which she has written with Kjetil Mørland and Christian Ingebrigtsen.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Norway's debut in the Eurovision Song Contest, the Melodi Grand Prix was extended with five semi-finals which were held from 11 January and the four following Saturdays. Each part of the country had its own semi-final, with artists and songwriters from the relevant part of the country. The viewers voted for one song from each semi-final to the final on 15 February 2020, where they faced five pre-qualified finalists selected by NRK. The dolphin finals were held in H3 Arena in Fornebu, while the final was held in Trondheim Spektrum. This was the first time Trondheim was the host city for a Melodi Grand Prix final, and it was the first time since 1989 that the final was not held in Oslo.

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