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Ro mitt hav

In regards of Jon Fosse's Nobel Prize in Literature, Christiania Teater proudly presents the poetry concert RO MITT HAV with Anne Marit Jacobsen and Sinikka Langeland. This is a warm and humorous performance based on Fosse's lyrics.

Anne Marit Jacobsen is one of our most popular actors and one of the leading Fosse presenters in this country. In 2019, she was asked to publish a collection of poems with texts by Jon Fosse. It was Fosse himself who wanted this. Now she has gone through the collection of poems and selected the ones she likes the most.

With her on stage, she has one of our foremost folk musicians, Sinikka Langeland, who has composed the music for the project. Langeland is well established both at home and abroad, with the kantele as the main instrument - which gives opportunities both for instrumental music and as an accompaniment to reading and singing. Her expression is varied with a wide range, which gives Fosse's poems a beautiful setting.

Photo:: Janne Møller-Hansen

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