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The Eve Before 2020

Marte Stokstad and Mikkel Niva will lead this year's "The eve before the eve" from Frognerseteren in Oslo. Even though this is an evening with strong traditions, it is still important to renew and change, says the head of entertainment at NRK.

The Little Christmas Eve host promises humour, coziness and a bit of seriousness, and according to NRK, some of the country's best artists will make guest appearances. As always, "The Countess and the butler" is also on the programme.

- Now we need gnomes, gaudy strings of lights and Christmas music more than ever, and it will be warm, fun and hold on tight, full of Christmas spirit, say the presenters to NRK.

Both Stokstad and Niva think it is extra special to be allowed to keep the viewers company on a little Christmas Eve in the different year 2020. In addition, it is exactly 40 years since NRK broadcast its first "The night before the evening" broadcast.

- "The evening before the evening" is the nicest tradition of all time, and with so many new situations to deal with during the last year, it will be a lovely old Christmas. There is something very nice about gathering in front of the screen and letting Christmas sink in across the country. Or indeed, all over the world. This year we are perhaps more spread out at Christmas than ever before, says Niva.

It is the celebrity chef Eyvind Hellstrøm who is responsible for the cooking during the broadcast, as he has done for the past nine years.

- It will be nice to be a guest chef in "Kvelden för Kvelden" again, but I will miss my assistant, Ingrid Espelid Hovig, who was with me last time, says Hellstrøm to NRK.

Mattias from Starworks is the stage director.Foto: NRK

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